Sunday School

At Woodlawn, we offer Sunday morning Bible Study opportunities for all ages. We offer classes for mixed genders, specific genders, and multi-generations. Our adult classes range from college to senior adults. In addition to Bible study, Sunday School classes provide a small group setting in which individuals can bond together deeply and serve the Lord together. Check out this MAP for a description of our Sunday School classes and where they are located on our church campus. If you would like some help connecting with  or locating a Sunday School class, please contact Pastor Laramie.

Life Groups

Life Groups are designed to be missional communities that aid in our spiritual growth. Each group is a same gender small group that meets regularly for the purpose of accountability and encouragement. Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m. is provided as an opportunity for Life Groups to meet on the church campus while childcare is provided. Some Life Groups also choose to meet away from the church campus at this time or during the week. Each group meeting includes meaningful prayer time, a discussion of Scripture (each group member follows the same Bible reading plan during the week), accountability, and encouragement for personal evangelism. Life Groups are also encouraged to participate in monthly missional endeavors. To connect with a group, fill out the form below. For more information, contact Pastor Laramie

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Fall Theology & Discipleship Class

Beginning Sunday October 11th at 3:30PM, Pastor Travis is going to be Leading a Theology & Discipleship Class. This class is discussion based on a series of questions having to do with both theology and discipleship. This class will have the added benefit of training those who are seeking to work through the ACBC exams, in order to better understand and complete Phase 2 of ACBC Certification. For those not interested in certification, this class can be of great benefit to better understand core doctrines of the faith as well as how one gives practical application to the Word of God. This class will encourage homework that will be necessary to the discussion. See Pastor Travis for more information ( 

Course Lesson Descriptions

10/11 - In this class we will be discussing the doctrine of the Scripture, covering topics such as the Inspiration of Scripture, Inerrancy, Authority, & Sufficiency.

10/18 - In this class, we will discuss the differences between general & special revelation, the role of common grace as it pertains to secular views having true information about humanity, and the noetic effects of sin.

10/25 - In this class, we will discuss the biblical basis for the Trinity, walk through the attributes of God and its practical implications for life, and look at the doctrine of the image of God and the body/soul dichotomy of mankind.

11/1 - In this class, we will discuss the biblical understanding of manhood and womanhood from the egalitarian and complementarian perspectives. We will discuss the dual natures of Christ and why that is crucial for salvation and lastly provide a biblical basis for the doctrine of substitutionary atonement.

11/8 - In this class, we will discuss the doctrine of justification by faith, compare it to sanctification, what it means to trust in Christ alone and why the doctrine of repentance is important for growth in the Christian life.

11/15 - In this class, we will discuss the doctrine of our union with Christ and its implications for Christian living and sanctification. As well as examining the synergistic nature of sanctification.

11/22 - In this class, we will discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life and the way He guides us. In addition, we will talk about a biblical description of the church and the role the church should play in the counseling and discipleship process.