WBC Missions

WBC is deeply committed to the mission of God.  This mission begins at home and extends to the ends of the earth.  Check out the details below to see the particular areas of our missions focus.

Baton Rouge

Our passion is to reach our community with the Gospel of Christ. We strive to do this through connecting with people in Gospel conversations on a regular basis.  In addition, we regularly conduct outreach events and ministries such as Upward Basketball and Cheerleading, Springfest and Mission:BR.  The local ministries of WBC also include ongoing ministries for children and students.

Southeast Asia

WBC has adopted an unreached people group in Southeast Asia, the Dhobi Muslims.  Our national partners in SE Asia are on the ground each day engaging Dhobi Muslims with the Gospel.  We regularly serve alongside our national partners through short term mission trips.  Since WBC adopted the Dhobi Muslims in 2013, approximately 60 Muslims have come to faith in Christ.  These believers are meeting together in house groups.  Our prayer is that these groups develop into healthy, reproducing churches.