Family Ministry

It is no secret that families have more influence over their children than anyone else. This is by God’s design! His design is that parents utilize this influence to take the leadership role in the spiritual development of their children (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). The responsibility of the Church is to come alongside the family and equip them to succeed in this God-given task (Ephesians 4:11-16) adopted a specific family ministry strategy, Legacy Milestones. Additionally, Woodlawn Baptist Church challenges families to accomplish this task through two specific means:

CAPTURING GOD MOMENTS - This simply means pointing out the activity of God to your children. When the Lord gives you new insight into His Word, answers a prayer, meets a need or gives you an opportunity to speak His Gospel to a co-worker be sure and point these things out to your children. This reminds your children that the Lord is active in His world and builds them up in their faith.

FAMILY WORSHIP - This is an intentional weekly time where the family gathers together to spend time in the Word and in prayer with one another. 

legacy milestones

WBC Family Ministries has six milestones we desire for each of our families to take part in as they shepherd their children from birth to adulthood. See the slideshow below for more details on walking the legacy milestone path.

ALL THAT WBC Family Ministry 

is DOING IN 2024

Father Daughter Dinner - March 8

Graduation Commissioning Day - May 5

Summer Family Night of Worship - May 15

Family Commissioning Day - June 16

Mother Son Game Night - July 7

Parenting in the Pew - July 21 and 28

Back to School Family Night of Worship - August 7

Father-Son Camping Trip - Fall

Introduction to the Christian Life for Children - Sundays in October

Christmas Family Night of Worship - December 8