WBC Upward Basketball & Cheerleading

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If you'd like your student to play in this league, from grades K5-8th grade, then please sign up.

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Other Important Dates:

Player Evaluations - 10/30, 11/2, & 11/5

from 6PM to 8PM

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my child be on the same team as their friend? You can make a request to be on the same team as a friend, but this cannot be determined until after player evaluations. Please note your request when you register your child.
  • What are the age requirements for kids for this fall season of basketball? We have our breakdown by Grade: K5 - 8th Grade.
  • Also is the team coed or a gender participating as a team? We have both Coed and Gender specific teams. Coed consists of only our K5 and 1st & 2nd Grade Leagues. 
  • Are there any other costs associated with this in addition to the registration? No, there are no other required costs outside of registration. There will be opportunities to order pictures from Team Picture days and to buy food or give toward fundraising.
  • What is the Upward Season Schedule? (TBA - Waiting on Final Draft)
  • What will my child receive after Evaluation day?

    After Evaluation day is over, Woodlawn Upward will order each child’s Upward Kit. Each child's Upward Kit will typically include the following items, usually given out on the first practice date:

    For Basketball Players
    Reversible Mesh Game Jersey
    Matching Reversible Shorts
    Upward T-Shirt (to be worn under Jersey)
    Scripture Memory Tool

    For Cheerleading
    Upward Game Cheer Top and Skorts
    Matching Hair Ribbon
    Scripture Memory Tool

  • When and where are the games?

    All basketball and cheerleading games will be held at the Gym of Woodlawn Baptist Church on Saturday. Game times will vary each week spanning from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. starting promptly on the hour. With the exception of the K League, game times are 1 hour long. Players are required to be present 20 minutes before the assigned game time. Please refer to Woodlawn Upward Schedule 2022-2023 for more information.

  • When and where are the practices?

    In order not to overwhelm each player and family, there will only be 1 Practice per week for 1 hour only and one game for 1 hour each week. (Exceptions in the K League, as they have no practice during the week. For players in the K League, Saturday game time will be split into ½ hour of practice followed by ½ hour of the game). No practices or games are allowed on Wednesday. The practice location will also be at the Gym of Woodlawn Baptist Church. Practices take place for one hour every Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday (minus 2 weeks off for Christmas and New Years) from 6PM-9PM starting the week of December 4th. You will be notified when your practice is once your child is assigned to a team. Your practice is only one night per week. Exact practice nights and times will be determined and communicated by the coaches to parents via email after team assignment. Please check your email. 

  • What are Game Days Like?

    At the beginning of each game, every player and cheerleader will be introduced over the loudspeaker along with some upbeat music to get the crowd excited about the game. The kids love this and will not want to miss it each week, so be at the games early to make sure your kids get to do this each week.

    Each game will be two 18-minute halves with a 10-minute halftime. A fun game and/or devotion or testimony will be given at each game’s halftime as well as a cheer routine.  

    After each game, every child will meet at the Woodlawn Education Building to receive an “iron-on star” for their uniform T-Shirt for various efforts, like Best Offense, Best Defense, Best Effort, Best Sportsmanship (Most Spirit), and the best of all ….Most Christ-like – By the end of the year, each child should have received at least one of all the stars. Kids love this!

  • How long is the season?

    Practices will start the week of Dec. 4th, 2023.  Games will be held every Saturday starting Jan. 6th, 2024, and ending with an award ceremony on Saturday, Feb 24th. The exact time will be announced during the season.  Please see Woodlawn Upward Schedule 2023-2024 for more information. 

  • Will my child receive a trophy?

    Every child will receive an “End of the Year Award”. Each child will receive the same award regardless of wins or losses during the season. This award may or may not be a trophy. The award will be a special gift for the child to remember the season. In the past, we have awarded items such as sports watches, duffel bags, trophies, medallions, basketballs, etc.

  • Team victories and losses?

    “Every Child is a Winner,” therefore we do not maintain any league standings such as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, place teams or officially track wins and losses. The score will be kept at each game, however, no official league standings will be kept. Our league is focused on developing the skills of the child. 

  • Playing time?

    Each child will play at least ½ of every game in which they are present. These playing times are predetermined by an Upward rotation schedule. Every child on the team will play according to a rotation schedule regardless of skill level.

  • Coaching? Refereeing? Volunteering?

    As you consider whether to sign your child up for Upward, we hope you will also consider whether you will be willing to help coach a team as well. The Upward program makes coaching as easy as possible with practice schedules, offensive plays, devotions, and player rotations provided. However, the program is only capable of existing if parents are willing to coach and show encouragement to the players.  We hope you will partner with Upward Sports as a coach, referee, clean-up, etc.